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Glengary Alpaca Supplement GL w/DE


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Specifically, blalanced formula containing high levels of essential nutrients: Vitamins A, D, & E, thiamine, and selenium. Zinc from organic sources to help animals maximize muscle, and reach their genetic potential for overall growth and fiber production. Additional biotin, niacin, and flaxseed (source of omega-3 fatty acids) have been added to optimize ifver growth, stress tolerance and may reduce the need to suppliement additional vitamins and minerals.

All natural ingredients
Formulated with Alltech(R) Organic Trace Minerals to help maximize absorption and retention
DHA: an essential Omega-3 fatty acid that may help increase fertility and improve overall health.
Buffers: to aid in fiber digestion and help with ruminal performance.
Mold inhibitor: to increase storage life and help avoid mold related issues.
Diatomaceous Earth: to assist in the management of intestinal parasites.
Contains organic zinc: Zinc is essential for excellent skin condition and luxurious fiber. Added Proteinated Zinc has shown a reduction in the problems associated with foot rot and improved immunity.

Product Specifications
Product Specs 14% - Crude Protein, mx %
2.5% - Crude Fat, min %
18% - Crude Fiber, max %
1.5-2% - Calcium, min-max %
1% - Phosphorus, min %
.7-1.2% - Salt, min-max %
17 ppm - Copper, min
750 ppm - Zinc, min
3.5 ppm - Selenium, min
32,000 IU/lb - Vitamin A, min
8,000 IU/lb - Vitamin D, min
600 IU/lb - Vitamin E, min
300 mg/lb - Thiamine, min