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We have a variety of products, both handmade from fleece harvested from our own animals as well as products from the COOP and items from Peru. We have a good variety of yarn in 3ply or 4 ply in multiple weights, both natural and dyed and roving for the spinners. We also have core spun run yard with cotton core available.

We also have available to area customers high quality custom bio-selenium camelid feed (pellets) and free choice mineral through Glengary Farm Alpacas, Ohio. Pickup and delivery available to local customers.

About Our Store

Experience the Alpaca Difference! ometown sustainable & affordable quality!

We have yarn, hats, scarves, shawls, dryer balls and many other items made from fiber produced from animals on our farm as well as items such as gloves, socks, sweaters, vests, stuffed animals and other items from either the fiber COOP or selected items from Peru.